Why Pasar Malam Is a Popular Singapore Food Joint

Updates: Geylang Serai Pasar Malam Ramadan Bazaar 2017 is back !

Food is a very sensitive aspect when it comes to human relations. The fact that human wants are insatiable adds more complications to food vendors. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, is another principle that affects the food industry. However, for any eatery to succeed it must encompass most of the people wants. It is next to impossible to cater for all needs and requirements of humans; you may end up closing the business.

A few yards away from the iconic NEX shopping complex, is the Pasar Malam. This facility harbors most of the foods from all diversities and lifestyles. With Singapore having a recognizable food culture, any food industry will have to convince the population that they can do it. Most of the residents have high sensitivity when it comes to food matters. In addition, the population is welcoming to new foods, so long as they suit their tastes.

The Pasar Malam


Singapore has over five different ethnic groups. With such a combination, you should expect some variations ion preferences and choices, especially of food. This is the case for the Singapore population, with culture having their best of choices. For such a context, food vendors have a tough job in accommodating the various requirements. It being a business, the only secret would be to accommodate the basics of each.

For the Pasar region, it combines street food vendors to indoor arenas with a variety of delicacies. For street vendors, fast foods are the most common types of foods.  In this context, the fast foods will include wheat and rice dishes, packed for convenience. Some other vendors have specializations in the ancient recipes, done in the modern way. In door eateries, represent the latest of the food recipes from a global perspective. It is possible to get any variety of cultural foods from these arenas.

Why It Is Popular

Many factors affect the popularity of a food joint. Initially hygiene was the key factor in choosing a food joint. However, in the modern world, most hotels and eateries have high levels of hygiene and other factors come into play. For Pasar Malam, the following factors influence its popularity:

Adequate Space

Although there is always an upsurge of traffic, the Pasar is always accommodative. Maybe the orientation and distribution of stalls may have favored this. Recently, it has adopted Block 263, towards the MRT station, which has created more space. Most of the food stalls have adequate entry and exits, a measure that reduces congestion.

Variety of Foods

A quick walk through the street vendors in this region will assure you that all cultures have been included. The region hosts various food vendors each with a unique food product. It is possible to have two vendors dealing with the same basic product, but the results are different. For such a country with different cultures, variability of foods is the way to go.

In addition, the blending of ancient menus with modern ones is another aspect in variability. While some people will prefer to remain ancient, some will need the modern delicacies. Occasionally, these classes will interchange, and the Pasar vendors are always at this service.

Prices adjustments


When entities dealing with the same product are in the same location, competition comes in and prices drop. This is the case for the Malam region, where the prices of foods are cheaper when compared to other regions. With completion comes quality in an effort to maintain the customer base. All these factors have worked positively in making Pasar Malam a popular food region in Singapore.

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